I can’t believe that’s been five years already, I still remember in 2008 when I  was just a WG stan and this new boygroup under JYPE was coming out and I saw the mv just because yubin appeared in the 5 final secs. I was able to see you guys growing up little by little but still acting like a six kids on the playground. I know the sad moments, the difficult times and I know that you guys are really strong and no one can never let you guys down. “Never going down without a fight" yes this is the perfect dilema, after all this time you guys are stronger than ever, and hottest will be forever with you supporting you don’t matter what. The only tears that you guys deserve is tears of joy and thanks for working hard for your fans, we will keep doing the same thing for you. 2PM WE LOVE YOU! 

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    I wish I knew you guys back then… I could have loved and stayed with the six of you! Oh well, I have, We have forever to...
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